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  • The Production of Collective Violence against African Migrants in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  • Zeitordnungen der radikalen Linken in der Bundesrepublik, 1969 bis 1998

  • Money and Territoriality: Complementary Currencies and the Construction of Local Sovereignty in Italy

  • Violence in Peace Processes

  • The Rechtsstaat in Europe – Political Traditions in Germany, Spain, and Italy in Comparison

  • Money, Sovereignty, Democracy.

  • The Introduction of Women’s Suffrage in Germany and Its Consequences

  • Body History of Democracy - Protection of the Body, Materiality, and Biopolitics in the Nation-State

  • Perspektiven einer beziehungstheoretischen Soziologie des Geldes

  • Die Herstellung und Veränderung souveräner Kreditwürdigkeit in der Eurokrise