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  • Gebrochene Versprechen. Modernität/Moderne als historische Erfahrung (in German)

    More informationen on the Conference (in German)

  • Dr. Thomas Hoebel

    Sociologist; Research Group on Macro-Violence Phone: +49 40 414097-46 Send an email

  • Concept Quake (“Begriffsbeben”): From the History of Science to the Historical Sociology of Social Science

  • The Introduction of Women’s Suffrage in Germany and Its Consequences

  • Una Gebhard

    Eventmanagement and Communication Phone: +49 40 414097-22 Send an email

  • PD Dr. Hedwig Richter

  • Body History of Democracy - Protection of the Body, Materiality, and Biopolitics in the Nation-State

  • Research Group Monetary Sovereignty

    Research Group Monetary Sovereignty The group examines constitutions and transformations of privileged capacities to pay. How do deg

  • Evidence Struggles: Legality, Legitimacy, and Social Mobilizations in the Catalan Political Conflict

    Different kinds of evidence are put forward to make an argument and justify political action by agents situated in diverse social, cultural, and power positions. The Catalan political conflict is a ca

  • Varieties of Statehood. Auf dem Weg zu einer kulturwissenschaftlichen Staatlichkeitswissenschaft

    Vortrag von Gunnar Folke Schuppert im Rahmen des Workshops »Fern des Zentrums, jenseits des Gewaltmonopols. Neue Konzeptionen von Staatlichkeit« In der staatstheoretischen und politikwissenschaft