Rosa Burç

Visiting Researcher of the Research Group on Macro-Violence

Selected Publications


zus. mit Mahir Tokatlı: A second foundation? Constitution, nation-building, and the deepening of authoritarianism in Turkey. In: Jeremy Rayner, u.a. (Hg.): Back to the ‘30s? Recurring crises of capitalism, liberalism, and democracy. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020; S. 155-178

zus. mit Mahir Tokatlı: Becoming an autocracy under (un)democratic circumstances. Regime change under AKP rule. In: Nikos Christofis (Hg.): Erdoğan's "new" Turkey. Attempted coup d'état and the acceleration of political crisis. London (u.a.): Routledge, 2020; S. 75-93

zus. mit Francis O'Connor: Endangered future. Yezidis in post-genocide Iraq and the need for international support. In: PRIF Spotlight. (2020),3; 4 S.
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Non-territorial autonomy and gender equality: The case of the autonomous administration of north and east Syria - Rojava. In: Filozofija i društvo = Philosophy and society. 31(2020),3; S. 319-339